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Kids Summer Cricket Camp 2021

Most Gymkhanians will be hard pressed to remember their earliest introduction to cricket, but over the years cricket as a sport has become a significant part of our lives. Exhilarating wins, crushing losses, bitter rivalries, lifelong bonds, aggression, sportsman spirit, planning, teamwork, patience and whole array of experiences have shaped and molded us. Boston Gymkhana’s Kids Cricket Camp allow us to share this wonderful game of cricket with the next generation.


Wrentham I and Wrentham III

As the summer unfolds, Boston Gymkhana Sports Club announces its signature – Boston Gymkhana Youth Cricket Academy (BGYCA) Summer Cricket Camp – for the ninth year. Over the previous years, BGSC has organized the Summer Cricket Camp with an objective to introduce the game of cricket to kids aged 5 through 15 years. These cricket clinics have been a huge hit with a number of kids (aka BGSC Cubs) participating and picking up the game. There will be a limited number of spots available so please hurry and register for the event.

New Format

Leather Ball Cricket

This year we are introducing a new format where kids will be placed in groups based on their current skill set (for leather ball play) and from there on we can coach them to go to the next level, with the idea of preparing them to play in competitive (leather ball) tournaments. In this process, we will require a lot of support and commitment from the parents as well.

Camp Format:

Below are the high-level details of the format of the camp this year:

  1. Ages 5 to 8 yearsTennis ball play only
    • Introduction to Cricket, basic batting/fielding/bowling drills focused towards developing interest towards cricket, play shorter games to introduce some basic cricket rules
  2. Ages 9 to 11 yearsSynthetic/Leather ball play
    • Introduction to Cricket , basic cricket rules and drills involving stance, bowling action, basic batting strokes, fielding and its positions and catching. 
    • Have kids try playing with full cricket gear, in case of any fear we will use synthetic ball for a few sessions till they get comfortable.
    • Kids in this age group will get an opportunity to play competitive Under-11 matches hosted by MSCL Youth League
  3. Ages 12 to 16 yearsLeather ball play only
    • This will be a little advanced level, where kids might have played competitive leather ball cricket matches and are aware of most cricket rules, cricket terminology, showing consistency and improvement in their skills, practicing and watching cricket regularly, etc.
    • Kids in this age group will get an opportunity to play competitive Under-13/15/16 matches hosted by MSCL Youth League

We will also introduce kids to soft skills like sports-man/woman spirit, team building, playing in the spirit of the game, etc.

Cricket equipment will be provided to all the kids. They can also bring their personal cricket equipment kit, if they feel comfortable using their own gear. All kids playing on leather ball, are required to bring their own personal abdominal guard during all sessions.

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Due to an overwhelming response to this event in the previous years, we have limited the number of spots to help organize the camp better. So please register your child online at your earliest convenience. If you may have any further enquiries, please contact Kaushal Patel @

Go BGYCA-Cubs!!!

Sam JamesBikram SinghKaushal PatelMoin Ghouse

Camp Schedule

Camp Schedule:

  • Official Kids Camp sessions – 
    • Duration: 6 weeks (2 days a week)
    • Start Date: Thursday, 7/8/2021
    • End Date: Sunday, 8/22/2021
    • Days: Thursday (5:30 – 7:30pm); Sunday (8:30 – 10:30am)

Fees & Registration


  •  $75 for age 5 to 8 years (tennis ball play only)
  •  $175 for age 9 to 16 years (synthetic or leather ball play only)
    • Includes any fees charged for tournament hosted by MSCL Youth League