Boston Gymkhana Women Cricket 2019

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Gymkhana Lionesses/Shernies

Boston Gymkhana starting a Women’s cricket team. While women have long played for Boston Gymkhana Sports Club, the opportunities and numbers have been minuscule. Sansonette Sauer was the first to play for Boston Gymkhana Sports Club, Sansonette a coach for the South African Wormen’s team played a few matches in 2000-2001 season, Maithri Jalagam, Priya Riar, Noor Riar and Dimple Seth are some of the other ladies that have played in MSCL in the mens team. We never really had interest from more than 2-3 ladies at any one time. At this time we have dozen ladies interested and we are hoping to have a roster of 25 to allow us to arrange net session, coaching sessions and skirmishes.

For starters we will be holding regular practice sessions and have ladies only of co-ed skirmishes. We are hoping the enthusiasm leads to regularly scheduled matches. Stay tuned for more developing news.

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