We are proud to introduce Boston Gymkhana Premier league 2024

The Curry Cup, an embodiment of our celebration of cricket and our shared cricketing and cultural heritage, holds a legacy dating back to approximately 2006. The 16 to 18 teams engaged in the MSCL between BGSC-EAGLE-NECC have been instrumental in shaping MSCL over the past two decades. Originating or honing their skills in Wrentham, all three clubs share numerous common values and traits. In 2008, Challengers CC played their inaugural cricket match against BGSC and, in the same year, participated in the Curry Cup. We take pride in being their first opponent and ally. The memories we’ve shared of past Curry Cups are cherished, as are those from tournaments hosted by Eagle CC and NECC.

A sense of kinship binds us with Eagle-NECC-Challengers. This year, we are amalgamating the Curry Cup with BGPL (a BGSC-centric event). At BGSC, we hold the social aspect of cricket in high regard and endeavor to cultivate interaction at every opportunity. Alongside Eagle CC, NECC, and Challenger CC, BGSC is entering three teams – Avengers, Spartans, and Oxford Knights. These teams are entrusted not only with managing the cricketing aspects but also with participating in the following:

Each team will organize a social event, open to all participants, their families, and friends.
Field a team in a BGSC Poker Tournament.
Field a team in a BGSC Pickleball tournament.

We enthusiastically invite all three visiting teams to partake in the social events and also field teams for the Poker and Pickleball tournaments. Both events are intended to be coed.

Should you have any queries or require further information, please do not hesitate to reach out to Ashish, Dhruv, or Bikram.