Team Lists Sep-Oct Games

Team Lists Curry Cup Invitational 2019 !, Boston T20 MSCL Tourney Team Gymkhana, Many of you worked diligently in making Curry Cup 2019 a success.  I would like to thank everyone that has worked towards this event especially recognizing Vivek Chowdhary, Kawal Sidhu, Amrit Singh, Kamal Kundanani and Anis Sayyad who have and will be playing a key role in organizing this tournament for the club.  Lets make this event a fun and successful event for the club.  Come join in as and when you can.  Here are the team lists for the 4-5 matches we are scheduled to have this weekend.  the team lists may change slightly, and if they do the changes will be reflected on this page, so do check back.  If time does not permit an update, we will use whattsapp as a last resort.  You may always reach Bikram Sin...

BGSC Masters 2019

Why These Indians and Pakistanis Rarely Discuss Tensions: It’s Just Not Cricket

By Kate Taylor March 4, 2019 In recent days, as India and Pakistan came almost to the brink of war, the members of the Boston Gymkhana Sports Club — a cricket club that, like many in the United States, has members from both countries — did not interrupt their usual social calendar. Some members were on edge about the escalation between the two nuclear-armed nations, which began two weeks ago when a suicide bombing in the disputed region of Kashmir killed more than 40 Indian soldiers. And many had sharply different perspectives on the conflict. Rajiv Shah, 46, who emigrated in 1999 from the Indian state of Gujarat, was approving when the Indian government conducted airstrikes in Pakistan, claiming to kill a large number of terrorists. Others felt that India’s prime minister, Narendra Modi, ...

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